Loving All

Loving All

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hubby away for a week

Hi my blog,
For one week hubby, my bestfriend, my partner, my soulmate away far in Europe, yes!!!! His Euro trip with his beloved boss, no laaa...business trip only. Im gonna be so alone, not when the kids n bibik are around n awake making so much noise (i love noisy household).

One thing yang best, yerp I kirum hubby to buy me Longchamp bags, bagssss. Not bag. Hehe, if LV, sik mampu la oi. Mok settle hutang card lok n when Im hutangless (no more giving money to all da banks), then I will go buy expensive bags -cash term only. This part, I dont have to refer to bank negara for advice but, from my own beloved hubby. So, shd I say in my case, the wife is not the Financial Advisor like people use to claim.

Ok. Back to my LC bags. These are what I want:

And this;

Ok, luv my hubby if he successfully bring this home, if not, I still luv him~

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Was advised to start writing again

Hello myself...so far this is my blog, it's actually my diary where I incorporate my dreams & realities.

I went to my Project Management course with this 1 trainer who enjoys so much of reading any books. He loves to write & I will agree with him, reading & writing improves your communication skill in whatever language you prefer. He chose English & it's proven how fluent he is presenting his materials.

Hmmmm....I should write more & read more then.

Well, I want to start with today. I'm not so sure what is happening to me but I'm feeling kind of miserable & sad. Why? I'm not so sure. Should I see the therapist? I might go but still need to seek my other half's permission. Can I hide this from everyone? Is it wrong if I keep it off from my other half? Huh!!!!

Can someone just guide me? So many questions huh. I just need someone to talk to.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Lamak x post a thing.

Money - people say money is not everything and reality is, nearly all my colleagues claimed the same, however they will add, without money or whenever they are in a very tight financial situation with all the credit cards hutang or loans, they feel pressured leading to stress leading to unhappiness in life and being moody to people surrounding them. To conclude, money is important in life.

I beg to differ. I know, I am lucky not to be in their shoes. My hutang is manageable and the only loan I have to pay is my VIVA car loan. Previously I do think money is something but as I am now, having my own husband and children, I would like to add in my life principle, MONEY DOES NOT BRING HAPPINESS TO ME, LOVE, HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and CARE DO. So, I know when buying stuffs, satisfaction does come but then 'puff', it vanished and somehow I dont know what to do with all my purchased and will ended up on the floor or wardrobe or being tossed all over the place.

Conclusion is, I wont be happy if people that I care does not appreciate me or care for me and willing to at least once put me in their priority list although will be at the most bottom.

Hence the big sum of money I received for being in one of the oil and gas company is nothing. To my friend who did ask me why I was so happy recently is because my family from Kuching was in town and their trip added more happiness in my life.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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Oooo its APRIL 2011

Seindah cuti maternity, its soon to be kissed goodbye....

Yerp, next week m off to work. Good thing, clap clap clap flexi hours!!!! Weehooo as im known to my bosses, she is one who sucks at time management. Well boss, at least im always productive. Bad thing, I dont like my office environment. Pretentious people everywhere & those lurus benduls like me always the mangsa. Since im a mummy of 2 beautiful girls, BIG WATEVA! Go to work, do works, go HOME. Thats gonna be my principle now.

Anyway, I lose 2kg d, 5 kg to go for pre-wed weight. Luck luck kiss me. Yeah, me & hubby enjoy our gym session. We lurrrve the treadmill. So bye bye fattiesour fats k. My BMI is healthy d, but the target is 21. Aminnnnn.

My beautiful princesses

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Last day in Kuching

Ok today is the last day for our balik kampung trip. We had a great dinner last nite as usual at Topspot. Couldnt afford to blanja at hotel yet plus after 44 days pantang, I need seafood. No ice water k, I still pantang & still maintain max 2 mug of milo per day. Still no rice but I cooked spaghetti yesterday. Guilty??? Nope. I loved it! Aisey, lupak tangkap gamba. Very simple.
*boiled the spaghetti with quarter tea spoon of salt (dun wana get buncit k)
*add small can of tomato puree in another belangak
*add half of the small can san remos traditional spaghetti sauce.
*add 30oz skimmed low fat milk. I used Omega Nestle.
*add enough minced beef. I put just enough as Im on diet.

Then gaul everything until boiling and serve. Nyaman!!

Now back to the main topic. Last day I actually decided to enjoy local delicacies. Mee Jawa, Kolok & laksa. But, my intent to lose weight overcomes my nafsu of eating. Hence I maintain eating Home cooked meals & lots of water.

Well, I decided to tapau terubok for goreng back in KL & maybe some butter cake for Sara. No more kek lapis, igt nak sedekah kat opis but I have another 2 weeks nak masuk opis later x fresh nemore. Orite, better start packing. I bought this cooler box for my milk as well as these ice packs & Autumn cooler bag for working later.

-Cooler Box for RM39

-Autumn Ice packs (3x2 boxes for Rm43)

-Autumn cooler bag enough to fit my Ameda pump and milk bottles. For RM55)

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breastfeeding Update

My Ameda double pump broke down 2 wks ago & it has been fixed!!! Yippee!! & free of charge some more! Hoho, yeah Im cheapskate ok. Thank you The Baby Loft for great service!! Thank you hubby for sending the pump at the very first place (tho I know you dont support me BF but I still consider you cooperate & I really appreciate it).

However as Im in Kuching at the moment, the pump is still at the shop & we plan to take it this Saturday once me & my babies arrive KL. Hence here in Kuching Im expressing using my Avent manual pump that isnt so efficient. Usually using Ameda I managed to pump 3-4oz after feeding Zeti (yeah for some people not so much but I always bersyukur with what I have), but thru Avent only managed 1-2oz. Hurm, sabar jak la with so much energy I put in order to express as much as I can, manual right??? For Avent, the most effective way is pumping while feeding Zeti. If not, its gonna take double the time just to express half of what I can get thru Ameda. But ok la than no pump at all. Manual expressing wont do for me.

So far in Kuching managed to store 23oz & I promise myself & Zeti I will pump more frequent & do power pumping once we're in KL for more storage & at the same time increasing my milk supply for more supply than demand.

I have lots of friends who has abundant milk supply & one thing I want to say to them, bersyukur Tuhan giving them this rezeki as for some mothers like me who have milk (no milk is ridiculous) just enough to direct feed our babies & require extra effort in expressing, continue to breastfeed & dont let kemalasan or your career affect your BF journey. Dont put career upon your children & family (reminding myself as well).

So happy breastfeeding & never ever give up & always find ways for support. Family dont support, there are others willing to help. I love SI.com as my reference.

Anyhoo, I bought this Tupperware tumbler (1.5L) to encourage me drink at least 2L a day as Im breastfeeding & trying to lose weight as well.

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