Loving All

Loving All

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hubby away for a week

Hi my blog,
For one week hubby, my bestfriend, my partner, my soulmate away far in Europe, yes!!!! His Euro trip with his beloved boss, no laaa...business trip only. Im gonna be so alone, not when the kids n bibik are around n awake making so much noise (i love noisy household).

One thing yang best, yerp I kirum hubby to buy me Longchamp bags, bagssss. Not bag. Hehe, if LV, sik mampu la oi. Mok settle hutang card lok n when Im hutangless (no more giving money to all da banks), then I will go buy expensive bags -cash term only. This part, I dont have to refer to bank negara for advice but, from my own beloved hubby. So, shd I say in my case, the wife is not the Financial Advisor like people use to claim.

Ok. Back to my LC bags. These are what I want:

And this;

Ok, luv my hubby if he successfully bring this home, if not, I still luv him~

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